HR Today: Launching the Manager Training Cohort

HR Today

The Organizational & Professional Development program is pleased to announce the start of our first ever year-long Manager Training Cohort. We are always seeking ways to partner with departments on meeting employee and leadership development needs. We will begin monthly trainings with the Custodial managers in University Residences this November. This cohort of managers will go through one training every month followed by a one-to-one follow-up session to reinforce learning and to debrief the practice of newly acquired skills.

We would like to thank Leonard Jones, director of University Residences, as well as David Ruble and Heather Dodd for partnering with us on this and for taking the initiative to develop their managers in such a systematic and proactive way. We seek to be responsive in providing customized solutions to work units all across campus. We believe that what we are now implementing for University Residences could be a template that other departments may find useful.

If you would like to discuss how we can serve your needs in similar fashion, please reach out to either Dennis Dashiell, A.D. of Organizational & Professional Development, at 360-650-7765, or Ron Marks, Organizational & Professional Development Specialist, at 360-650-3326. We will be happy to serve your development needs in any way we can.