Ed Admin Student Shares Story About Experience

Lorin Lindell and Alyssa Evans

After hearing positive reviews from former students about Western Washington University’s Educational Administration program in Bremerton, Stephanie Brush decided to do some research.

Already knowing she liked Western’s positive reputation among her colleagues, she was pleased to learn she could have face-to-face coursework with the opportunity to meet regularly with professors and learn alongside classmates, all while learning at a location convenient to her.

“With the site offering in Bremerton, it was possible for me to do my studies close to home,” Brush said. “For a working adult with a family, this was vital. Western truly had everything I was looking for in an administration program.”

Brush has appreciated learning from all her professors and said each of them has made a positive impact on her educational experience.

“Because of the strong leadership in the program and the clarity of expectations, I never felt that I had any obstacles completing the necessary requirements,” Brush said. “There was always staff available to answer my questions, and they did so quickly and thoroughly; there were no surprises. Staff made sure that students always knew the next steps and made sure they were well prepared.”

For prospective students, Brush suggests building relationships with teachers and classmates, asking many questions, and never giving up.

“The experience is enriching and well worth the effort,” Brush said. “I feel very fortunate to have had the opportunity to work with such a great group of people and I am confident that I will be in touch with many of them for years to come.”