Western's online course catalog gets a new look, functionality

Submitted by gallagm7 on Fri, 08/28/2015 - 11:02am

The Registrar's Office redesigned Western's online catalog in 2014-15, improving navigation and making it easier for students to use. 

Highlights include: 

  • Redesigning the site with the latest university website template. A larger banner image  appears throughout the site and improves navigation.
  • Easy‐to‐find links for ClassFinder and the TimeTable so students don’t have to search the university website.
  • A “What’s New” section that includes all new programs of study, programs with new titles and new courses for 2015‐16.
  • PDFs of archived catalogs dating back to 1960. 
  • More social media functions, including options for students to post catalog information (programs of study, courses, etc.) directly to their Facebook or Twitter accounts.
  • An improved “My Portfolio” section where students can create their own accounts and keep track of catalog information, links and more.

Next up, staff members will redesign the catalog's mobile site, as students increasingly use the site through their mobile devices. 

Click here to see the catalog for yourself


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