Veni. Vidi. Ascendi. climbing competition largest yet.

Submitted by gallagm7 on Wed, 09/13/2017 - 1:05pm

This year Campus Recreation Services hosted the largest and most successful climbing competition we have ever had.

Veni. Vidi. Ascendi. brings in competitive collegiate climbers from throughout the Pacific Northwest and beyond, and is one of aboug 10 competitions each year held by NC3, one of the largest collegiate competitive climbing series in the country, including WWU, Washington State University, University of Oregon, Oregon State University, CWU, University of Idaho, Portland State University, Whitman College, and University of Washington.

This year more than 150 climbers competed in three heats and six overall divisions. Twenty-three 23 sponsors included both local businesses as well as nationally recognized brands. 

One of the features unique to Veni. Vidi. Ascendi. is  a “dyno competition," which involves jumping from one wall hold to another  without falling. This event gets huge reactions from competitors and spectators, as climbers are often jumping 5 to 9 feet from hold to hold, sometimes latching on, and sometimes not.

The entire climbing wall staff opted to work the competition instead of competing, creating an highly successful and fun event for all parties involved. They brought tons of energy, worked tirelessly, and thrived as a unit to make this event the most successful one we’ve ever had here.

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