New degree programs added in Chinese Language, Energy Policy

Submitted by gallagm7 on Fri, 08/28/2015 - 12:40pm

Western developed two new majors and three new minors to begin in fall 2015. The new major programs include: 

  • Chinese Language and Culture with a Teaching Endorsement (Bachelor of Arts): Designed to prepare students for work in fields related to China and Chinese culture, or to become language teachers at the secondary education level. 
  • Energy Policy and Management (Bachelor of Arts): To give students knowledge and analytic skills in the policy and management aspects of today's diverse energy business, along with broad exposure to the science, environmental, business and policy aspects of the energy system that drive the formation and analysis of energy-related policies.
  • Behavioral Neuroscience transitioned to a Bachelor of Science degree. 
  • The Special Education Bachelor of Arts in Education is now the Exceptionality and Disability BAE. 

Three new minor programs became available in fall 2015: 

  • Energy ScienceTo give students broad exposure to the scientific, environmental, business and policy aspects of the energy system while ensuring core competency in energy science.
  • Entrepreneurship and Innovation: An interdisciplinary program designed to provide the knowledge, skills and capabilities to successfully engage in entrepreneurship and innovation behaviors. 
  • Sustainability Studies: An interdisciplinary program to help students gain knowledge about the social, economic, and environmental aspects of sustainability.

And Western offered dozens of new classes in the 2014-15 academic year, including: 

  • Diversity in Higher Education
  • Biophysical Chemistry
  • Drawing for Non-Majors
  • Communication and Conflict
  • Data Mining
  • Smart and Renewable Power
  • The Business of Energy
  • Community Solutions to Climate Change
  • Mathematics and Art
  • Creativity, Innovation and Leadership
  • History of the Modern Middle East
  • Magazine Visual Storytelling