Help for sexual violence survivors brought together in new website

Submitted by gallagm7 on Thu, 09/22/2016 - 10:57am

Western's  “Together Against Sexual Violence” website is a new, comprehensive resource for students and employees who have experienced any type of sexual misconduct, including harassment, discrimination or sexual violence (sexual assault, dating violence, domestic violence and stalking). 

The site, a collaboration of the Equal Opportunity Office and offices in the Division of Enrollment and Student Services, including Prevention and Wellness, the Counseling Center, CASAS and the Dean of Students Office, was launched in spring 2016.

“This new website, with its link located on the front page of Western’s website, represents our enhanced commitment to preventing and responding to any type of sexual misconduct, both on and off campus,” said Sue Guenter-Schlesinger, Western’s Title IX coordinator. “This website illustrates the collaborative approach Western takes to ensure that information regarding those critical resources and reporting options for students and employees are easily accessible in one web location so individuals can get the assistance they need.”

Topics include: 

  • Information on where to find confidential resources -- such as Consultation and Sexual Assault Support Services (CASAS), the Counseling Center, and the Student Health Center.
  • Where to file a report for sexual misconduct on and off campus, including with Western's Title IX coordinator in the Equal Opportunity Office, with the University Police, or with the Bellingham Police Department. 
  • How to help a friend or loved one who has experienced trauma, without creating further victimization. 
  • Information for LGBTQ+ survivors. 
  • A section with information relevant to students, and another for employees.
  • Information on reporting options and confidentiality.
  • Printable brochures and posters.
  • Prevention programs and training opportunities. 


Most of these topics were previously available on Western's websites, but not all in one place. The Together Against Sexual Violence website will make it easier for individuals to find information quickly when they need to, by having a link directly on Western’s homepage. 

The page is part of an ongoing effort to prevent and respond to sexual violence. Other projects include completing and analyzing the data from the spring campus Sexual Violence Climate Survey, building collaboration with local law enforcement, and requiring all new students and new employees to complete sexual violence prevention training online.

For more information, call the Title IX coordinator, Sue Guenter-Schlesinger or the deputy Title IX coordinator, Mohammed Cato at (360) 650-3307.




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