Counseling Center dramatically increases outreach programs

Submitted by gallagm7 on Mon, 09/12/2016 - 12:34pm

Western's Counseling Center increased outreach programs by 233 percent during 2015-16, more than tripling the number of outreach programs available to the campus community. 

The Counseling Center's outreach programs grew from 89 to 297, with an increase in attendance of 235 percent, from 2,888 to 9,685 over the previous year. 

Counseling Center staff provide consultation to and programming for student groups, organizations, academic departments, faculty or staff on a variety of topics, from stress management and anxiety to coping with seasonal depression. 

The center has seen an increase in requests for presentations on mindfulness, said Staff Psychologist David Herzog, the center's first-ever Outreach Coordinator. Staff members have been requesting more training on working with students in emotional distress, he added. 

"Suicide awareness and prevention programming has also been highly requested," Herzog said,"given our campus community’s dedication to bringing attention to this issue and to being best prepared to respond to students who may be experiencing significant emotional distress."

As part of the growth in outreach programs, the Counseling Center was also a more active participant in Summerstart orientation programming and increased programming available to underserved student populations. 


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