Center for Service-Learning helps more than 4,000 students apply their skills in helping the community

Submitted by gallagm7 on Tue, 08/18/2015 - 11:53am

Western's Center for Service-Learning, which bridges WWU faculty and students to community organizations for collaboration, helped thousands of students engage in meaningful partnerships through their classes. 

A total of 214 courses at Western included a service-learning component in 2014-15, with 4,367 students completing a total of 82,701 hours in service-learning activities. 

In the community, 190 organizations partnered with students and faculty at Western. 

Some of these projects included: 

  • Viking Launch, an early move-in program that included opportunities for academic credit as well as service-learning. Ninety-five first-year students and five student leaders participated in two Viking Launch Day of Service sessions, volunteering for a total of 315 hours with eight community partner organizations. 
  • National Days of Service, with a total of 68 volunteers and 218 hours of service during Make a Difference Day, Martin Luther King Jr. Day and Earth Day. 

Other highlights from the center in 2014-15: 

  • The Center for Service-Learning facilitated 50 hours of community building training by the Pomegranate Center for 24 people, including community members. 
  • The center began a long-term partnership with the Birchwood Neighborhood Association to help meet the neighborhood's revitalization goals. 
  • The center hired an intern to conduct research into improving access to study abroad programs for under-served student populations. 
  • The Center for Service-Learning received $78,748 in private funding, including a $52,745 in kind grant from Washington Campus Compact Americorps/Vista. and $10,000 from donor scholarships for international study abroad trips.